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Tree Services

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Tree Removal

Let Us Take Care Of Your Tree Removal Needs

Our Tree removal services are available to help you with this task. We have the know-how to remove trees from your property safely and without causing damage we also use specialized equipment that is specifically designed for tree removal and can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. With our help, you can ensure that your trees are removed safely and with minimal disruption to your property.

Maverick Tree Service offers round-the-clock service for any size tree removal project. We offer free, no-obligation estimates on trees dead, fallen or alive. We also provide a wide range of services, including: tree care services, expert tree removal, shoveling and hauling. We have the knowledge and skills to safely remove all types of trees without endangering your property or your personal safety. Our expert arborists are dedicated to providing prompt, efficient service for your needs.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming That’s Professional

A professional tree trimmer is an essential part of your landscaping. Our team of experts can help maintain the health of your trees while also improving the appearance of your property. From start to finish, we offer tree trimming services for all different types of trees, including maple, oak, pine, and more. Our professional tree trimming services can help you maintain the health of your trees while also improving their appearance.

Our residential and commercial tree trimming services crew are experienced in all aspects of tree care, from pruning to removal, and can provide the greatest advice on how to properly care for your trees. With our skills and competence, we can ensure that your trees will remain healthy for many years to come.

Tree Pruning

Let’s Get Those Branches Out Of Your Way

At Maverick Tree Service, we offer benefits that make us the go-to company for tree service. With our service, you can rest assured that your trees will be pruned and trimmed to perfection, ensuring their health and safety. Taking care of your trees is important for both the health of your yard and the safety of your property. That’s where professional tree trimming and pruning services come in. Not only do they improve the overall appearance of your trees, but they also identify and remove any unhealthy or damaged branches that could be potential hazards.

By taking preventative measures against pests and disease, you’re also ensuring the long-term health of your trees. With the added benefit of improving your curb appeal, using a professional tree service is a no-brainer. And with our affordable prices, there’s no reason not to invest in the health and safety of your yard.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Get Rid Of Your Tree Problems

Unsightly stumps can be an eyesore in any landscape, and many people opt to have them removed. Stump grinding is a critical part of any residential landscaping project. It can help to improve the safety, appearance and value of your home. Professional stump grinding and removal services are the best way to remove them quickly and safely. There are a variety of reasons why people choose to have their stumps removed, from aesthetics to safety concerns. Our work team has the tools and machinery necessary for the process of removing and grinding stumps making your garden or yard look better. We are experts in this field, with more than 10 years of experience under our belt.

Safety & Aesthetics

Tree stumps often pose a safety hazard and can affect the overall aesthetics of your property. By removing tree stumps, you can enhance the beauty of your landscape and ensure everyone’s safety by avoiding potential accidents. Our professional stump removal services can help you get rid of unsightly stumps quickly and efficiently. We offer services for every possible scenario, from hard-to-reach stumps with little or no access, to large and deep stumps that require extra care.

Palm Tree Removal

If You Have A Palm Tree & Want It Removed, Contact Us Now

Maverick Tree Service is a tree removal company that specializes in palm tree removal. We provide the finest of work, with the most reliable and professional care to ensure your satisfaction. Our team is equipped with modern tools and state-of-the-art skills to offer you the top-rate of work, with the most reliable and professional care. Our team has been around since 2019 offering services that include:

We offer top-class services at affordable prices. We understand that budgets are tight, so our rates are structured in a way to give you more value for your money. Plus, our team will make sure your trees look beautiful and healthy all year long. Take care of your palms the right way with Maverick Tree Service.

Let Us Help You Protect Your Property With Our Fast, Reliable, & Affordable Tree Service!

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